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In this informal chat I intend to illustrate, without in any way
so enter the technical details, my vision about the
constitution of the subject, as described in the book recently

From Photons to Atoms -The Electromagnetic Nature of Matter
World-Scientific, Singapore, 2019, p. 290. ISBN: 978-981-120-423-4.

In the course of my research, I analyzed and crossed data
experimental relating to the most disparate phenomena, in the search for a
common denominator that I subsequently developed under the
theoretical profile. The final product, although it still needs many
points of more rigorous in-depth analysis, materialized in
drafting of a model aimed at rationalizing and unifying the various
aspects in which the nature that surrounds us manifests. It follows
a classification of the Universe where both objects and events
they all contribute to form a single electromagnetic complex,
distributed in shells on different scales, which resonate from the frequencies
high of the subatomic phenomena to the low ones of the planetary systems.
In this perspective, in the midst of life, living organisms draw
profit from a substrate and a habitat that they have
presumably favored their very existence. I'll draw from the
book some ideas for the conversation, dwelling
more on the more general and philosophical issues.