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CFU Guidelines – PhD students XXXVII Cycle and following

CFU Distribution during the 3 years; for a minimum of 180 CFU by the end of the 3 years


1 year

2 year

3 year

Learning Activities

UNIMORE PhD Courses Min. 15 CFU *

Basic Training Max. 12 CFU 




Scientific-Research Activities











Every year 60 CFUs must be achieved by adding CFU of LEARNING activities, of SCIENTIFIC activities and of those assigned for the THESIS activities.


 LEARNING Activities (CFU = University Educational Credit):

  • Attendance at learning activities of the Doctorate School: 1 CFU/4 hours module
  • Attendance at university courses (offered by UNIMORE or other Universities). These will be counted as Basic Training: CFUs are those official of the course
  • Attendance at internal seminars: 1 CFU/seminar
  • Attendance at courses, schools or seminars held by other Universities: CFU are granted by the school/course or 1 CFU/seminar or 1CFU/day
  • Teaching assistantship (Didattica Integrativa): 1 CFU/10h (max 40h per year). A teaching assistant is a graduate student who serves as an academic assistant to a professor. This type of TAs are designated by the PhD school upon request from professors.

Graduate students however can also apply for a paid TA post within the “Tutorato fondo sostegno giovani” ( This paid assistantship does not grant any credit and must be approved by the PhD school board.


 Learning activities must be completed in the first two years;

As a rule, at least 15 credits must be acquired by attending courses within UNIMORE either offered by the M3ES school or other PhD schools. PhD students with two supervisors (one based abroad and one at UNIMORE, in a joint supervision) and home institution at UNIMORE are required to attend at least 8 CFU offered by UMORE, PhD students with joint supervision and home institution abroad are not required to attend courses offered by UNIMORE.  

A maximum of 12/180 CFU could be achieved by Basic Training


SCIENTIFIC Activities:


• Participation in congresses without a contribution presented by the PhD Student: 1 CFU/national or 2 CFU/international •

• Participation in congresses with a poster presented by the PhD student: 2 CFU/national or 3 CFU/international •

• Participation in congresses with an oral contribution presented by the PhD Student: 3 CFU/national or 4 CFU/international •

• Seminar held by the PhD Student: 2 CFU/seminars. •

• Publication on ISI journal: 8 CFU •

• Publication (Peer-Reviewed) on other journals and proceedings: 4 CFU•

• Book chapters: 4 CFU•

• Oral or poster contribution at a congress/meeting not presented by the PhD Student: 1CFU

• National Patent: pending 4 CFU; granted 8 CFU

• International Patent:  pending 8 CFU; granted 12 CFU

• Mission/Stage Period Abroad (longer than 10 days each): 3CFU/month (Max 27CFU)

Stage in Company, National Research Center (longer than 10 days each): 1CFU/month.

A training activity/research period of at least 4months/120days must be carried out at qualified research institutions/University abroad (outside Italy). 

The 4 months/120 days can be the sum of different activity/research periods lasting more than 10 days.

Other activities, for example, being a speaker in divulgative actions such as seminars in primary or secondary schools or other public events, can be evaluated for CFU by the Commission for Education.


The CFU will be assigned after:

  • approval by the Commission for Education of an activity report signed by the tutor (you will receive the template for the activity report in TEAMS). Proof of activities (e.g. certificates of attendance) may be requested by the Commission;
  • approval of an annual scientific report by the M3ES Faculty. At the end of the first and second year the report must be presented to an Expert (contro-relatore) designated by the M3ES Faculty who will give an opinion on the work performed. The Scientific work will be also presented as a Poster at the PhD day. Finally, at the end of the third year the doctoral candidate will present his work in front of the Faculty in an oral presentation for admission to the final exam.