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PhD Theses Proposals

PhD Theses Proposals for XXXIX cycle

Biological Area

General Topics for the Main Selection Procedure 

Title: Biodiversity, biogeography and evolution of freshwater Gastrotricha
Proponent: M. Antonio Todaro

Title: Biodiversità floristica e prodotti apistici per una caratterizzazione melissopalinologica regionale
Proponent: Anna Maria Mercuri

Title: Valorizzazione della biodiversità vegetale microscopica in contesti italiani
Enhancement of microscopic vegetal biodiversity in Italian contexts
Proponent: Mercuri – Florenzano

Title: Morphological and molecular characterization of alien species of invertebrates
Proponent: Roberto Guidetti

Title: Evolution and adaptations of micrometazoans in extreme environments in relation to climate change
Proponent: Lorena Rebecchi

Title: Biodiversity and phylogeny of Italian micrometazoans living in terrestrial environments
Proponent: Michele Cesari

Specific topic with dedicated selection procedure 

Title: Melissopalynology and Biodiversity
Proponent: Anna Maria Mercuri in collaboration with APROCAL

Chemical Area

General Topics for the Main Selection Procedure 

Title: Functional characterization of native and Co-substituted human globins
Proponent: Gianantonio Battistuzzi

Title: Innovative Data Science and analytical tools for circular value recovery from biomass to water
Proponent: Marina Cocchi, Caterina Durante

Title: Electrochemical sensing: development of devices and methodologies for the analysis of real  matrices.
Proponent: Laura Pigani

Title: Machine Learning Potentials for Amorphous Solid Electrolytes for All Solid State Batteries.
Proponent: Alfonso Pedone

Title: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Glass Surfaces
Proponent: Alfonso Pedone

Title: NMR-based metabolomics
Proponent: Adele Mucci

Title: Development of Chelators for 18F-Al Complexation for PET Imaging
Proponent: Erika Ferrari

Title: Chemical traceability: a multidisciplinary challenge for scientific applications
Proponent: Lorenzo Tassi

Title: Innovative and sustainable materials for cross-sector applications: preparation, synthesis, characterization and industrial formulation
Proponent: Lorenzo Tassi

Title: Magnetic resonance applied to complex systems
Proponente: Adele Mucci

Title: Design of Covalent (COFs) and Metal (MOFs) Organic Frameworks as advanced functional materials
Proponent: Luca Rigamonti and Fabrizio Roncaglia

Specific topic with dedicated selection procedure 

Title: Eco-sustainability and olefin chemistry: development of "green" organometallic compounds for homogeneous catalysis
Proponent: Francesca Parenti - Andrea Cornia in collaboration with Versalis S.p.A

Title: Synthesis, characterization and application of new raw materials for bio-based polyester resins
Proponent: Lorenzo Tassi in collaboration with Carlo Riccò & F.lli S.p.A.

Title: Development of advanced biomedical devices for hard and soft tissue applications
Proponent: Gigliola Lusvardi


Geological Area

General Topics for the Main Selection Procedure 

Title: Innovative Techniques For Landslide Hazard Monitoring And Assessment
Proponent: Alessandro Corsini

Title: Innovative ceramic coatings and optimization of the enamelling process
Proponent: Rossella Arletti

Title: Deformation, fluid rock interactions and fluid transport in carbonate-rich fault zones
Proponent: Silvia Mittempergher

Title: The response of reef corals to past warming events
Proponent: Francesca Bosellini

Specific topic with dedicated selection procedure 

Title: Artificial groundwater recharge in the Emilia Romagna Region: identification of suitable sites, actions and effectiveness evaluation in a climate-change scenario
Proponent: Luigi Bruno

Title: Earthquake-induced Liquefaction Phenomena (Co-seismic effects) and experimental Blast Test
Proponent: Stefano Lugli, in collaboration with INGV