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PhD Theses Proposals

PhD Theses Proposals for XXXVIII cycle

Topics in the Biological Area

Title: Deep phylogeny of meiofaunal taxa
Tutor: Antonio Todaro

Title: Effects of nanomaterial and microplastic bioaccumulation on immune and regenerative functions of invertebrate models
Tutor: Davide Malagoli

Title: Holocene environmental transformations, palaeoecological and archaeobotanical data by using palynology and archaeobotany (case studies: Iraqi Kurdistan, central Sahara, MIS 6 of Ohrid Lake in Macedonia, or BRAIN for the study of human impact in the Mediterraneo basin).
Tutor: Anna Maria Mercuri

Title: Morphological and molecular characterization of alien species of invertebrates
Tutor: Roberto Guidetti

Title: Evolution and adaptations of micrometazoans in extreme environments in relation to climate change
Tutor: Lorena Rebecchi

Title: Assess the impact of marine litter on Mediterranean cnidarians combining laboratory and field surveys
Tutor: Daniela Prevedelli (Co-tutor: Elisa Bergami)

Topics in the Chemical Area

Title: Organometallic complexes bearing salmen and salben ligands and their application in catalysis
Tutor: Luca Rigamonti

Title: Understanding Composition-Structure-Property Relationships to Design Ultra Strong AluminoSilicate Glasses.
Tutor: Alfonso Pedone

Title: NMR-based metabolomics applications: from cells to organoids and beyond
Tutor: Adele Mucci

Title: Development of metal-based PET radiotracers for theranostics
Tutor: Erika Ferrari

Title: Developing Data Fusion Strategies in Food Authenticity and environmental monitoring towards the principles of circular economy
Tutors: Caterina Durante, Marina Cocchi

Title: Atomistic modelling investigations into the structure-property relationships in inorganic solid- state electrolytes for improved lithium battery properties.
Tutor: Maria Cristina Menziani

Title: Optical properties of metal nanoclusters for medicine and biological imaging
Tutor: Francesco Muniz-Miranda

Title: Co-substituted globins as possible electrobiocatalysts for the evolution of molecular hydrogen
Tutor: Gianantonio Battistuzzi

Title: Electrochemical sensing: development of devices and methodologies for the analysis of food samples.
Tutor: Laura Pigani

Title: Sustainable polymers from catalyzed atom transfer radical reactions
Tutor: Francesca Parenti

Topics in the Geological Area

Title: Recognition, mapping and interpretation of geomorphological features related to salt extrusions.
Tutor: Mauro Soldati

Title: Volatile distribution in Earth's mantle heterogeneities: implications for the global mantle convection
Tutor: Daniele Brunelli

Title: Non traditional stable isotopes and the evolution of the mantle
Tutor: Anna Cipriani

Title: Study of badlands and channels morphodynamics with reference to anthropic and natural controls
Tutor: Paola Coratza, Vittoria Scorpio

Title: Trasformazione e riciclo di rifiuti pericolosi nell’ottica di una transizione verde sostenibile e circolare.
Tutor: Alessandro Gualtieri

Title: Zeolites as drug carriers
Tutor: Rossella Arletti

Title: Design of landslide mitigation solutions based on numerical modelling
Tutors: A. Corsini, F. Ronchetti