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Courses 2022

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Introduction to multivariate data analysis with exercise (PCA and PLS basic) Caterina Durante
2 8 Abstract
Kernel based methods in classification and regression Federico Marini (Roma La Sapienza) 2 8 Abstract
Modern Analytical Science needs Modern Data Analysis Approach. Artificial Intelligence in scientific data analysis José Amigo (University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain) 2 8 Abstract
Introduction to experimental Design Marina Cocchi (DSCG) 1,5 6 Abstract
Assessment of the Impact of the Energy transition on the production and market of materials Francesco Di Renzo (ESNCM- Montpellier) 1,5 6 Abstract
Sensitivity to climate change of cold regions: hazard implications and sustainable development. Costanza Morino (CNRS, Laboratoire EDYTEM - UMR 5204, Université Savoie Mont-Blanc, France) 4 16 Abstract
Fundamentals of inverse problems Mattia Aleardi (Università di Pisa) 3 12 Abstract
Programming with Python Julien Bloino (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa) 4 16 Abstract
Programmazione MatLab Fabio Durastante (Università di Pisa) 5 20 Abstract
Environmental change and social resilience in Mediterranean islands. Lessons from the interdisciplinary OLEA-project focused on the Balearic Islands. Gabriel Servera and Grant Snitker
(Unimore and ORISE/US Forest Service)
3 12 Abstract
Corso Strumentazione C.I.G.S. CIGS 3 12 Abstract
Scientific Communication in English Adrian Wallwark 5 20 Abstract
Corso Competenze Trasferibili Ufficio Ricerca UNIMORE 6 24 Abstract
La ricerca dell'informazione scientifica e La gestione delle citazioni bibliografiche nel lavoro scientifico BSI-UNIMORE 4 16 Abstract
Geographical Information Systems Course M. Mulas 
M.C Prampolini (DSCG)
6 24 Abstract