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Seminar "Applications and suggestions for the characterization of your materials"

During the seminar you will have the opportunity to deepen the most innovative techniques of thermal analysis directly with sector specialists.

The event will be attended by experts on materials characterization such as Prof. Gianluca Malavasi of the UNIVERSITY OF MODENA AND REGGIO EMILIA, Dr. Andrea Bega, Head of instrumental analysis laboratories of the KERAKOLL company, Dr. Chiara Pernechele, Researcher of laboratory of the company DALLARA AUTOMOBILI SPA and Dr. Ottavio Lugaresi, Product Manager Material Characterization of METTLER TOLEDO.

We will talk about:

  • introduction of thermal analysis techniques
  • sample preparation and measurement conditions
  • analysis of unknown samples
  • DSC / TGA / TMA / DMA techniques
  • examples of new Flash DSC and TGA micro GC technologies
  • Sample preparation and measurement conditions
  • determination of the moisture content with Karl Fischer titration and Moisture Anaisers

At the end of the day there will be a guided tour of the university laboratories that will allow you to exchange views with industry experts and to view the METTLER TOLEDO instrumentation dedicated to the characterization of materials.