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Applied and Translational Biology

  • Study, conservation and morpho-functional characterization of plant germplasm (wild and cultivated plants) by application of innovative technique of biotechnological derivation, in vitro cultures and electronic microscopy techniques.
  • Research on effects of fungi and their bioactive metabolites on insect biology and investigations on biological activity of semiochemicals for the biocontrol of insects. The studies are carried out by application of electrophysiological and electronic microscopy techniques and behavioral analysis.
  • Study the natural defence molecules and mechanisms evolved by organisms to live in extreme environments with the goal to identify and characterize natural molecules of potential biomedical, and agricultural interest. This study is achieved by a multidisciplinary approach (i.e. physiological, biochemical, transcriptomic), integrating different methodological techniques.
  • Comparative analysis of animal bio-systems, from the sub-cellular to the species level finalized to the description of new/evolutionary conserved molecules and molecular mechanisms with application for research, drug design and biological control.

Researchers: Sgarbi, Sabatini, Rebecchi, Guidetti, Malagoli