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Paleoenvironmental, paleoclimatic and paleotectonic reconstruction in the geological record

The research activity in the field of Geology and Palaeontology includes several research topics summarized below:

  • Methane-derived authigenic carbonates associated with cold-seep in the northern Apennines and relations among the ascent of fluids, tectonics and climatic variations.
  • Paleogeography and paleotectonics of Ligurian and Epi-ligurian sequences of the northern Apennines (regional and structural geology, facies analysis, composition and biostratigraphy).
  • Evaporitic deposits of the Mediterranean and of the northern Apennines.
  • Quaternary geological evolution by stratigraphic and compositional characterization of the alluvial deposits in the Po plain.
  • Geoarcheology.
  • Paleobiodiversity and facies models for paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstructions in the geological record. Facies analysis and paleoecological reconstruction of Mediterranean Cenozoic coral reef systems. Coral paleobiodiversity patterns through the Cenozoic, paleoclimatic and paleogeographic implications. The response of shallow-water biocalcifiers to the Early Paleogene global warming. Study of Early Paleozoic recurring cycles of biofacies, with particular emphasis on the genesis and significance of microbial deposits and organic-rich shales, to elaborate environmental and depositional settings. 
  • Bio-chemostratigraphical proxies for the correlation and dating of marine sediments and sedimentary rocks. Analysis of Lower Paleozoic conodont faunas in Europe (taxonomy, biostratigraphy, palaeogeography, palaeoecology) for a precise time-scale calibration.  Study of bioapatite pattern in conodonts and related groups. Application of trace element and strontium isotope geochemistry to studies of marine carbonates for paleooceanographic reconstructions and Sr isotope stratigraphy


Researchers: Bosellini, Cipriani, Conti, Ferretti, Fioroni, Fontana, Fregni, Lugli, Panini, Papazzoni, Remitti, Vescogni