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Preparation and characterization of materials with innovative functional properties

Aims of this research topic are:

  • Find out (natural) materials, primarily selected from the group of oxides and silicates, able to remove pollutant molecules from aqueous solution or gas dispersions.
  • Synthesis, characterization and application of new “smart” biomaterials with controlled release.
  • Synthesize inorganic compounds with interesting magnetic and optical properties, such as single molecule magnets (SMMs).
  • Aggregation of simple chemicals in zeolitic nano-pores and characterization of the so obtained hybrid materials.
  • Determination of the elastic properties of zeolites and microporous heteropolyhedral compounds containing metals such as Mo, V, Sn, Zr, Ti, Ca and lanthanides.
  • Study of crystalline and glasses materials for technological applications.

The main goals, respectively, are:

  • the development of models that allow to apply the achieved results for restricting and reclaiming polluted environment, treating percolates from waste dumps, and more generally, performing the environmental protection of polluted areas.
  • the production of hybrid (organic-inorganic) materials with peculiar optical properties.
  • the determination of high pressure behavior of porous materials in penetrating and not penetrating pressure transmitting media.
  • development of biomaterials with specific properties.

Researchers: Borsari, Lusvardi, Malavasi, Malferrari, Rigamonti, Vezzalini, Zannini,Parenti,Cornia, Roncaglia, Ferrari