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Evolutionary and Environmental Biology

Evolutionary and environmental biology has undergone an expansion and transformation in the past few decades and it has assumed a broad relevance extending far outside its original bounds. These new horizons have been acquired thanks to the application and development of new approaches and methods, including integration among environmental, phenotypic and molecular data. Evolutionary and environmental biologists study the evolutionary processes from molecular to ecosystem level integrating diverse scientific fields as botany, zoology, ecology, cell biology biochemistry, developmental biology, molecular biology, genetics, phylogeny, systematics, and paleontology.
Research activities are focused on the origin and diversity of life, on the adaptive processes developed by organisms, on the relationships among organisms and their environment, and on the protection and valorization of biodiversity and environmental quality, in order to preserve and contribute to the environmental sustainability. The students of the PhD course in M3ES will be encouraged to work independently and develop their own research field in an international framework to address them to the modern issues of the various fields of evolutionary and environmental biology.

Researchers: Guidetti, Malagoli, Mola, Pederzoli, Prevedelli, Rebecchi, Sabatini, Sgarbi, Simonini, Todaro.