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Natural and secondary raw materials: characterization and industrial applications

This research topic deals with the characterization and use of both natural and secondary raw materials for various industrial applications in the national manufacture market (ceramic tiles, bricks, cements, refractories). Suitable recycling secondary raw materials are obtained via transformation of wastes of different nature, including hazardous wastes (such as cement-asbestos).
The definition of the structural, chemical and physical properties is combined with a technological characterization in view of a classification of the product and correct identification of the use destination. The structural characterization is possible using both conventional and non conventional facilities such as synchrotron radiation and neutrons, performed ex situ and in situ at high temperature. To be recycled, secondary raw materials must be fully characterized even on a biological standpoint to assess their biological activity (cyto- geno-toxicity, cancerogenicity). To this aim, in vitro and in vivo tests are usually planned following the international standards.

Researchers: Gualtieri,Zannini