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Characterization of processes regulating the transfer of elements and compounds from the geosphere to the hydro- and biosphere

Using advanced chemical and isotope analyses PhD students in this group will study samples of magmatic and metamorphic rocks in order to elucidate a broad range of scientific issues regarding magmatic phenomena and their interaction with the hydrosphere and possibly close relation to the biosphere. Some of the principal research themes in the group include:

  • the genesis of magmas in continental and oceanic environments;
  • the structure and composition of the oceanic lithosphere;
  • the characterization (length scale and nature) of mantle heterogeneities;
  • geochemical modelling of melt transport in the mantle;
  • the relationships between the geodynamic environment, magma sources and volcanism;
  • interaction processes between mantle derived magmas and crust;
  • re-equilibrium processes in the subsolidus related to crustal geodynamics;
  • mass transfer processes between the geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere at mid ocean ridges.

The topics developed will provide the students with hands-on experience in state-of-the-art analytical techniques (EMPA, SIMS, LAM-MC-ICMPS, LA-ICPMS, SEM, TEM, RAMAN, ability to undertake complex separation chemistry with low procedure blanks) that will be useful not only in academic research but also in the industry and in the applied field of geo-resources and environmental impact assessment.

Researchers: Brazil, Brunelli, Cipriani, Goias, Mazzucchelli.